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A few bits and pieces of my life, the romance industry and my writings.

Yours truly and a very nice man I met briefly at RT 2008. Fabio attended RT for charity (S.O.S.) and everyone agreed he was very gallant throughout the convention.

I've made it to five RT conventions and had a blast. Shout out to Jennifer St Giles who performed a superhuman maneuver at RT 2009 to save a late night straggler from drowning.

I presented my Eleven Senses - Who Knew? workshop at RT 2010 in Columbus and at RWA national in Orlando.  Thanks to all those who attended and gave me such great feedback.

Other odd bits about me:

Thanks to my father, an expert in international finance, I've lived in Argentina and Switzerland and been to over forty countries. I speak passable Spanish and French.

During a productive career with a Fortune 500 company, I obtained a patent on a waterproof cast liner, which is used under fiberglass casts so people can swim and shower while immobilized.

As an entrepreneur, I used my Masters degree in Microbiology and trained over 5,000 emergency response workers on infectious disease control.

On weekends, I was a wedding DJ and worked over 200 wedding receptions.

I married my college sweetheart and we are still happy after many years. (And, yes, he does help with my research.)

I have five brothers and two sons, plus I've been a teacher and volunteer teen advisor for fifteen years, so I have worked hard to understand guys. I hope it shows in my male characters. Let me know if you like them, please. If you don't, try my next book. I'm working on a diversity of characters, although I stayed with 1830's England as my backdrop for my historical novels to facilitate the deep research that spans all my books.

If you've never been to England, here are a few photos to motivate you to visit:

At Kensington Palace, where Queen Victoria was born and Princess Diana lived. It is located on the edge of Hyde Park in west London.

In front of a draper shop in Blist Hills, a recreated Victorian town near Birmingham.

On the road to the Bronte parsonage in Haworth.

My favorite statue in Athens. It tells a whole story.
My favorite statue in Athens. 
Aphrodite is swatting her unwanted suitor with her sandal,
while Cupid wrestles his horn.
Very dynamic art.

Another dynamic Cupid and Venus statue, this one from the amazing Wallace Collection in London.

Thanks for visiting

Another familiar gentleman at RT 2008. Adrian Paul's charity is PEACE, a cause we share.

If you love romance novels and you've never been to Romantic Times (RT), I highly recommend you treat yourself just once.

Mr. Romance contestants 2008

RT celebrates the romance genre and has the guys, costume parties, dancing, psychic fairs and the ever popular much, much more.

RT 2013 was epic! Congrats to RT for 30 years of supporting romance!

No Mr Romance competition in 2013
 (let's bring it back in New Orleans!), but Larry Kirschbaum from Amazon Publishing might have won if we did. (He gave R-O-M-A-N-C-E
the R-E-S-P-E-C-T it deserves.)

What a crazy dance floor at the 2010 Fairie Ball!

With Mr. Romance 2010 - Jamie Ungaro

At the RT 2012 Scottish Fling with two cover models. I wore a corset all day, but it was worth it - I came in second in a steampunk costume contest (out of 24!), and I got tons of kudos - what fun!

With the winner of the RT 2012 steampunk costume contest.

With Mr Romance 2011 - I know the picture is blurry (it was that kind of night), but still worth publishing.

With Len Gunn - a less fuzzy picture from RT 2014

A colorful krewe at Mardi Gras Carnival.
See more RT 2014 pictures at this link:  

RWA National is also an amazing networking conference for professional writers, and I think the workshops on audio are the best bargain in the modern romance writer's toolbox. Join your local RWA chapter and learn, learn, learn. I love my TARA chapter and all the Florida chapters are great. I wish all writers could have such a wonderful support network.

Thanks to my writing sisters (and a few brothers) in Florida for giving of themselves so generously.

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